Wicker Park Single Family

Historic building in Wicker Park was renovated from a multi family 3-flat to single family residence with two-story rear addition and 4th story [...]

Historic Farmhouse

This historic farmhouse was one of the oldest homes in Highland Park, and was designated as historically significant by the city. The historic [...]


This contemporary home was full remodel from the customer's existing residence. Being art enthusiasts, the customer necessitated a home that [...]

Modern Farmhouse

This home won the platinum award for home design. It’s no surprise due to the breathtaking interior and striking exterior achieves exactly what a [...]

Sherwood Forest 4

Our customer came to us after seeing a few of our other contemporary houses and wanted a balance between form and function.

Contemporary Empty nester

This home had to have all the nuances of an empty nester house, but also achieve areas for the customer’s talents: music room and art studio. [...]

Northbrook Traditional

Customer wanted a traditional style home that had the stately appeal of a tudor but also have the feel of a French countryside chateau. The [...]

North Bannockburn

This traditional contemporary hybrid is a single story spanning across ten thousand square feet. The customer desired true Jerusalem Stone to [...]

Contemporary Farmhouse

Our customer came to use with a list of requests: metal roof, sports court, first floor master bedroom, basement bar/entertaining area. They [...]

HP Contemporary

The original ORT house on the north shore, this 10,000 square foot home was the pinnacle of contemporary design in Highland Park.


This lovely Ravinia home started as a spec house and ended up as a fully custom home. We were able to achieve a third floor bonus room once we [...]


Cedar and stone contemporary design. The flat roof system was engineered with trusses for future roof top decks with views of Botanic Gardens.

Wake Robin

A timeless design, our customer wanted a slate roof look without the slate roof issues. We were able to find a fantastic synthetic slate which [...]


Built as a spec home, this French provincial style house had to not only achieve the modern look of the neighborhood but also fit within its [...]


Our customer came to us with the intention to build a very unique home that would not and could not be replicated. They wanted a mountainside [...]


This one bedroom home sits nestled on a golf course, with the feature being the curved great room and oversized cedar overhangs.


This amazing home is built with two large wings - the living area and sleeping area. It serves both form and function in the greatest sense.

Historic Church House

The 120 year old Christian Science Church was in horrid conditions when our customer took possession of it. We were met with peeling ceilings, [...]


French provincial style house in east Highland Park , with one of the first DaVinci synthetic slate roof systems on the north shore and custom [...]

Bertling 2

Our customer came to us with a request to build a new home which would feel like it’s been around for many years. This is just a lovely home with [...]


This home was built on spec on a very narrow lot with a detatched garage, as are most homes in the area. We achieved a classic look and feel that [...]

Maple Avenue Renovation

Our homeowner grew up in this house, but it is nothing like how it looks now. We took a typical single story split level and created a [...]

Glencoe 1

Our customer came to us with a unique design in mind, which was achieved.

Glencoe 2

We took the look of a classic Glencoe bungalow and expanded upon it to achieve a unique design that brings in the traditional elements as well as [...]

Evanston 1

Built in the mid-eighties, this Evanston contemporary bungalow had to straddle an urban look with a suburban feel. Almost 30 years later, these [...]

Evanston 2

Built in the mid-eighties, this Evanston contemporary bungalow had to straddle an urban look with a suburban feel. Almost 30 years later, these [...]

Evanston 3

Built in the mid-eighties, this Evanston contemporary bungalow had to straddle an urban look with a suburban feel. Almost 30 years later, these [...]

Sheridan Road 2

This property challenged us with a steep ravine that forced some creative architecture and design, but the French provincial home came out timeless.

Sherwood Forest

This was one of the first cedar contemporary homes in Sherwood Forest. An interesting detail is the two-plane garage.

Lake Forest Smarthouse

This was the first fully automated ‘smart house’ in Lake County. Built in the mid-1990’s, before any of the current technology was available, our [...]

Sheridan Road 3

This corner lot property was left vacant for many years due to restrictive set backs, but we were able to obtain a variance and push the house [...]


Classic traditional design with brick and stucco facade and copper accents.

Naida 2

Brick and limestone design, melding both modern aesthetics with traditional architecture style.

Hidden Ridge

This is the final house in the subdivision that we built and our customer wanted a first floor master bedroom while also achieving a traditional [...]


Our customer came to us wanting to move into Highland Park where they could walk to town and come back to their dream house.


This wonderful home presented a challenge of necessitating a well in the front yard. We came up with a circular driveway and landscaped well [...]

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